Typo…meant news publications “with” political agendas…failed to proofread on my part, apologies. Having an agenda doesn’t make a news publication “wrong”, just means the reader has to read carefully and contextually, which I doubt you did, considering the Snopes source you provided has much of the same information as the Fox News source I provided. (And yes, I’m well aware Fox has an agenda)

Considering you don’t know me, and couldn’t possibly know if it was ever my intention to deceive anyone, your flippant use of the term “liar” makes me wonder if you have some kind of problem, personal, behavioral or other.

The comment you made lionizing Clinton was in your response to another Medium post titled “Barack Obama Was Never the Man We Thought He Was”. Look below.

You list several presidents and then say that Clinton comes a close second to Obama, granted these weren’t all of the presidents in history (pedantic as you are), but instead those during your lifetime. Ok…some presidents but perhaps not all in your lifetime, in case you wish to levy the charge of “lying” again, considering I don’t know your exact birth date (this is a clue that there are more constructive ways to converse).

“You lack historical perspective, and so you cannot understand why people like me admire Mr. Obama. I’ve been through the administrations of Mr. Nixon, Mr. Ford, Mr. Carter, Mr. Reagan, Mr. Bush, Mr. Clinton, Mr. Bush2, Mr. Obama, and Mr. Trump. I can say that Mr. Obama is easily the best of these, although Mr. Clinton comes in as a close second. Sure, you can point to all sorts of failures on the part of both of these men — but those failures fall short of the many evil acts committed by other presidents.”

So to clarify, you felt Bill Clinton was one of the “best” U.S. presidents, not in history, but in your lifetime, fair enough. I’ve already outlined the grotesque nature of Clinton’s presidency, although I didn’t have time to cover all of his lies, which I’m sure you’re well aware of, given how much “lying” bothers you.

What is unfortunate about this little exchange is how little the claims of Tara Reade apparently matter to you, and more so the blatant collusion of the largest and most influential media titans (CNN, MSNBC, NY Times) with a political campaign. It’s too bad really, as a country I do think we can do better.

Well, Mr. Crawford, good-faith debate is something I enjoy very much, but you seem to have resorted to pettiness, and being petty is just boring. With that said, I’ll conclude our dialogue.

Good luck and goodbye.

Born and raised in Chicago, living in San Francisco, CA. Can be reached at beninbf@gmail.com, and twitter @beninbf

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