That your incredulous (not to mention belligerent) reaction is shared by so many Democrats, is quite concerning.

The reason why media outlets (and people like Alyssa Milano), who originally ignored or cast aspersions on Ms. Reade’s claims, have now changed their tune is due to the fact that the corroborating evidence has become too much to ignore. Your partisan dismissal of Reade’s claims is done at the expense of much greater evidence than that of the Republican dismissal of Ford’s.

I can’t claim to know if you thought Ms. Ford was also crazy, but nevertheless, there is a clear double standard being put forth by those in the media who covered her claims, as well as the partisans who clamored for an investigation into Kavanaugh.

I, quite frankly, had no problem with the scrutiny applied to Kavanaugh. What I do have a problem with, is the gross hypocrisy and collusion of our media establishment with political parties and candidates. It is not their job to “carry the water” for political parties and their candidates. It is their job to hold power accountable and relay this information to the public.

What seems to be lost on you, and many other Democrats, is that in the long run, when the NY Times (or some other media organization) reports on an issue of national importance, their demonstrated malfeasance will provide the foundation for mass incredulity by the American public. That incredulity could have dire consequences.

I’m always open to discussion and debate, but if anyone reads your comments, they’ll notice your rather hostile and incurious nature, and it will be clear that you don’t share the same interest. Perhaps…“That speaks to the heart of what you are about”.

We can consider this thread concluded here. Again, stay safe.

Born and raised in Chicago, living in San Francisco, CA. Can be reached at, and twitter @beninbf

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