Perhaps you’re not aware but I’ve seen your responses to other articles that are critical of politicians like Clinton and Obama. I do believe in one response you referred to Clinton as one of the greatest presidents (perhaps just Democratic) in U.S. history. As such your “when a man lies, he murders part of the world” quote just comes off as comical, given Clinton’s well known “loose” tongue.

If you’d like to be taken seriously, it would benefit you to not sound so “high-minded” regarding your apparent distaste for news publications with political agendas.

I’m quite tolerant of news publications espousing a point of view, however choosing to not cover a story, in addition to not asking Biden about the allegation looks to me like collusion. I’ve seen publications ask Bernie Sanders, AOC, and Stacey Abrams, but most seem reluctant to ask Biden directly. I think it was recently reported that the Washington Post has officially made a request to the Biden campaign. Better late than never I guess.

And it's certainly true that I can’t prove the clip was present and then removed, any more than you can prove it was never there at all. Given your affinity for overzealous pedantry, perhaps “absent” would have been better than “disappeared”. I’m also inclined to doubt the gentleman from CNN considering his vested interest in his employment.

It would take a degree of credulity that I’m incapable of, to believe the clip in question being absent was simply a coincidence. I could be persuaded, of course, if someone could present evidence — prior to 3/24 — of there being a great deal of randomness regarding missing episodes. Absent that I think one would have to be rather gullible to take CNN’s word for it.

Nevertheless, given your lionization of politicians like Clinton, I’ll take your “intolerance for mendacity” with a grain of salt.

Good day sir.

Born and raised in Chicago, living in San Francisco, CA. Can be reached at, and twitter @beninbf

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