Hello there Mr. Crawford,

Well, well, what to make of your response.

From my limited interactions with you thus far, this certainly represents a departure from the previous thoughtful and constructive criticisms you’ve made regarding my other pieces.

At any rate, you won’t find anywhere in my article where it states that CNN deliberately removed that Larry King Live episode. It simply states a fact, which is that episodes from that year are in sequential order, with the exception of the single episode where Ms. Reade’s mother called in. It’s interesting that you supplied your own link referring to a piece at Snopes.com. If you would have actually clicked on the link embedded in my post, you would have seen that it attests to the exact same information.

You’re of course free to draw your own conclusions as we all are. I do find it odd that you seem to gloss over the fact that CNN didn’t actually present the clip until April 25th, after a private citizen found it themselves and passed it along to Ryan Grim. And as affirmed by Dean Baquet of the NY Times, prominent news publications aren’t above altering content in order to assuage the concerns of a political candidate.

Funny, that CNN clip is the only thing you managed to take from the article.

At any rate, thanks for reading my post.

Born and raised in Chicago, living in San Francisco, CA. Can be reached at beninbf@gmail.com, and twitter @beninbf

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