As I responded to another comment, it was Corey Booker, and anchors on MSNBC, including Andrea Mitchell, who first pointed out Biden’s diminishing mental capacity. It’s always been an issue, which explains why he performed so poorly in the first three contests, finishing 4th, 5th, and a distant 2nd.

The suggestion isn’t that Sanders is being cheated, it’s that the Democrats would rather lose with Biden, than win with a candidate who would prevent the corporate dollars from flowing to their campaign coffers.

You also don’t seem to have any issue with Biden’s record, which I’ll say is just unfortunate.

Your “black voters decided who the party would rally around” is a nice trick, its also nothing more than Democratic establishment talking point. Let’s not be obtuse here. Exit polling showed that about half of the black electorate in South Carolina, backed Joe Biden, only after he received the endorsement of James Clybourn. That tracks with the polling data, that had Bernie closing the gap before that endorsement.

The Black electorate, just like the Latino electorate, is not a monolithic body, and as such, the black vote in South Carolina doesn’t represent the entirety of blacks in the United States. I should know, I am, after all, a black dude from Chicago. Yes, we do in fact live in other places other than the deep south.

Furthermore, the establishment is a concise phrase for denoting those in leadership within the DNC, that would prefer to maintain some kind of status quo, as in no large changes to support the populace at large.

To be more concise, its not so much black voters deciding who to rally around, its voters over the age of 45, who vote in much higher numbers. I trust that you can take the initiative and look through the data for yourself.

Biden dominates with voters of every demographic over the age of 45, Bernie dominates with voters under the age of 45 of every demographic. Voters over the age of 45, vote at a much higher percentage than those younger than 45. It should be very easy for you to verify that.

The incredulity you display at the motives of the Democratic party, is only surpassed by the establishment’s hubris, thinking they can replay an old play book, this time with a worse candidate and still win.

Born and raised in Chicago, living in San Francisco, CA. Can be reached at, and twitter @beninbf

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